BMW Ranks Highest in Customer Satisfaction

J.D. Power Asia Pacific Reports:

SINGAPORE: 1 September 2006 — BMW ranks highest in customer satisfaction with authorized dealer after-sales service in Indonesia, according to the J.D. Power Asia Pacific 2006 Indonesia Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) StudySM released today.

J.D. Power Asia Pacific conducts the CSI study annually in markets across the Asia-Pacific region to measure customer satisfaction with maintenance and repair service at authorized dealer service centers. The 2006 study measures overall customer satisfaction with after-sales service based on 35 dealer performance attributes, which are grouped into seven factors. The factors are (in order of importance): service quality; problems experienced; user-friendly service; service advisor; service initiation; service delivery; and in-service experience. CSI performance is reported as an index score based on a 1,000-point scale. A higher CSI score indicates greater customer satisfaction with the after-sales service experience at authorized dealer service centers.

The overall industry CSI score this year is 754 points. The overall industry has remained relatively stable since 2004, registering only a marginal two-point decline.

“Providing an after-sales service experience that meets or exceeds customer expectations is imperative for authorized dealer service centers to further strengthen their relationship with customers,” said Rajeev Nair, country manager at J.D. Power Asia Pacific. “Apart from contributing to repeat business for the dealer, satisfied customers create positive word-of-mouth recommendations that drive first-time sales for the brand.”

The study finds that among customers who rate their service experience better than expected, about three in five definitely intend to recommend the dealer, while about three in four definitely intend to revisit the dealer for post-warranty service. However, among customers whose service experience was worse than expected, only one in 20 definitely intend to recommend the dealer or revisit the dealer for post warranty service.

Of the 12 brands included in the rankings, BMW sets the benchmark with an index score of 778, achieving the highest ratings on all seven CSI factors. Among the 24 service standards measured in the study, BMW on average delivers 18.1 service standards to every customer—the highest across the industry in Indonesia. BMW achieves a 100 percent implementation rate for the following service standards: completed all of the work requested; vehicle ready when promised; work done right first time; reasonable time for servicing; reasonable wait at service center; and waiting area clean.

Daihatsu and Toyota follow BMW in the rankings, scoring 762 and 758 points, respectively. Daihatsu performs particularly well on the following factors: problems experienced; service quality; service advisor; and user-friendly service. Ford and Nissan score 754 points each, which is the industry average.

The study also finds that customers who have visited a non-authorized dealer at least once provide lower CSI scores than those who have visited only authorized dealers. Competitive/ good price and speedy service are the most frequently quoted reasons for choosing non-authorized service facilities.

“A delightful service experience contributes toward ensuring that customers do not defect to non-authorized service facilities, especially once the warranty period is over,” said Nair. “The study finds that only 4 percent of customers who provide CSI scores at or above industry average state they are likely to defect to a non-authorized service facility for maintenance once the warranty period is over. This statistic triples to 13 percent among customers who provide below-average satisfaction scores, further reinforcing the business case for authorized dealerships to invest in customer satisfaction.”

The 2006 Indonesia Customer Satisfaction Index Study is based on evaluations from 2,677 new-vehicle owners who purchased their vehicles between September 2004 and May 2005. The fieldwork for the study was conducted from March to May 2006.

The CSI Study is one of three consumer-based studies that J.D. Power Asia Pacific conducts in Indonesia. The 2006 Indonesia Sales Satisfaction Index (SSI) Study, which measures satisfaction with the new-vehicle sales process, is scheduled to be released in October. The 2006 Indonesia Initial Quality Study (IQS), which measures problems experienced by new-vehicle owners, is scheduled to be released in November.

BMW Ranks Highest in Customer Satisfaction
J.D. Power Asia Pacific Reports:
BMW Ranks Highest in Customer Satisfaction with Dealer Service in Indonesia
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